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Chickweed is an annual weed.  Annual weeds are less troublesome as far as control measures go. While they are known to sprout up nearly anywhere due to seed dispersal, their root systems are relatively shallow. This makes them easy to pull and eradicate, although doing so before they set seed is recommended.

There are two species of Chickweed:

1. Perennial variety: Mouse-Ear Chickweed which forms dense, low-lying patches within lawns and gardens


2. Common Chickweed is an annual and is easier to control.


Classification: Nuisance Weed

Recognizable features:

Common Chickweed is a mat-forming weed with tiny, star-shaped white flowers. This annual thrives when conditions are cool and moist.

Mouse-Ear Chickweed is similar, however, this weed is perennial with hairy stems and leaves, and is more tolerant of summer heat.

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Information compliments of  Lawn Weed Identification:  Common Lawn Weeds